Trusty E-Commerce – Mobile Payment System



Trusty E-Commerce Customer App is created at the end of 2016 by Trusty Family Co., Ltd which is one of our JL group companies. It is the fastest, easiest and the best discount mobile payment application which can also do foreign exchange. You can control your financial transaction on your mobile, can enjoy special member discount and make fast payment when you purchasing, having foods and living hotels in many of our merchants.


Key features:


E Top up –  Easy to top-up by choosing operators, enter SIM Card number and amount.

Transfer –  One account to another with your mobile phone.

Payment –  Can pay any kind of bills and discounts at the same time by scanning QR Code of Trusty E-commerce Merchants securely and swiftly with your mobile phone.

Foreign Exchange –  More convenience to check current exchange rate, sell & buy multi currencies any time you want.

Discount –  All members are entitle to have a special discount in our cooperate shops.